Refunds and Cancellations


If you change your mind or decide to cancel your place because of injury, illness, lack of training or other reason, then unfortunately the organisers of the race will not be able to refund your entry fee. This is the norm for races throughout the UK, the main reason being 'committed costs'. Services, equipment and materials will have been purchased based on the numbers entered. When you enter we have a responsibility to provide all that is necessary to make the event a success.


We don't offer deferrals from one of our events to another either, for similar reason to the above. Although it may be possible to switch events in our 20/10 event, but this is dependent on numbers as it may already be full. Each of our races are separate events and are budgeted for and organised separately.

Event Cancellation

In addition, no refunds can be given if the event has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances that are outside the organiser’s control. We may however be in a position to give a partial refund once all committed costs have been settled, but this might take a couple of months to balance.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.


If you can no longer run and you have someone who would like to take your place then you can do this yourself by logging in to the on-line entry provider you used to enter (for Fabian 4, just go to their website and then to 'amend entry'). You simply change all your details to the details of the new person.

As runners ourselves we would like to see this at more events. Unfortunetly this doesn't always happen as some rely on a percentage of runners not turning up to the race. This can mean that some runners will run with a number registered to another athlete. This often leads to category prizes being incorrectly awarded and could potentially lead to the family of an injured or seriously ill athlete being giving either the wrong information or not being contacted at all.

For obvious reasons we need to set a deadline for transfers. As we try to keep the entries open for as long as possible, this function will end at the same time as entries close. For our events that allow entries on the day, you will also be able to get a transfer on the day of the race at the event HQ, provided the new runner brings proof that you give permission for them to take your place. An administration fee may be payable in some circumstances.

You are reminded that under UKA/WA rules; any runner who knowingly competes with another person's race number that has not been officially transferred to them will be disqualified.