Bannister Anniversary Mile's 

3 mins 59.4 secs
6th May 1954

Watch Roger Bannister run his Sub 4 minute mile  here

                Wednesday 1st May 2024

The event will be a series of small races which will be seeded after the closing date. 

Registration/number collection will take place at the Start/Finish area in Blackweir Playing Fields, meet at the Blackweir Changing Rooms next to the Ambulance Depot on North Road.

We have been running this event since 2014 as an in-house event for Les Croupiers RC, but we decided to open it up in 2018.

It seems more significant now that we had decided to open this event up in 2018, following the death of Sir Roger Bannister on 3rd March 2018, this will now be a double celebration – not only marking the barrier he broke but also the man himself.

Did you know ....

That 23 days after Bannister achieved his feat, Diane Leather became the first woman to run the Mile under 5 minutes with a time of 4:59.6

Here is a link to an article on her, and here is a film of her winning her 3rd National Cross Country title in 1955.


2024 Start lists

Entries close on Sunday 28th April 2024 or when event is full  -  there are NO entries on the day

Entry Fees:    £6 Affiliated           £8 Non Affiliated

We regularly get asked how old someone has to be to run in our races, please click here to see the UKA maximum distances based on age.

Number collection will take place in front of the Blackweir changing rooms, the start and finish are located in this area. Please arrive in plenty of time before your start time in order to collect your number, these will be ready from 6pm onwards.

You can see the Start List for all 13 races above. The first race will start at 6.45pm, the next race will start as soon as possible after the completion of the previous race - once the officials are ready, an approx start time has been given as a guide, but please be ready for the indicated time.

The closest parking is the pay and display parking on North Road (Postcode: CF10 3DU) close to the Ambulance depot, then drop down into the park, the changing rooms are behind the ambulance depot.

The nearest toilets are located in the Blackweir Tavern on North Road, just up from the Ambulance depot.


This starts and finishes by Blackweir Changing rooms. You run from the gates near the Blackweir Changing rooms, run up to the crossroads and bear left, complete the parkrun nursery loop in reverse, when you reach the crossroads again go straight on and head back towards the changing rooms, bear left and finish at the start of the changing rooms building.