1 Hour Track Classic

We are no longer staging this EVENT 


Sunday 1st September 2013


Cardiff International Sports Stadium


Entry Fees: £ 13 Affiliated               £ 15 Non Affiliated

NO Entries on the day

  • Closing Date for Postal Entries : Tuesday 27th August 2013
  • Cheques payable to : Les Croupiers Running Club
  • Send entries to : Entries, 203 Edward England Wharf, Lloyd George Ave., Cardiff CF10 4QL
  • Runners must be 18 years or older on the day to run.

Competitors will be required to provide their own lap scorers.


This event sees the return of a once common challenge event. The last time that a 1 Hour Race was held in Cardiff was May 2004, there are very few of these events held in the UK now so we are offering you the chance to have a go. There are several age group records that could be up for grabs, so why not take the test.


The Stadium opens at 10.00am on a Sunday, so if you arrive before this you may find the car park still closed


Collect your numbers on the day between 10.00am and 10.40am. There will be a Lap Scorers briefing at 10.45am, and a Runners breifing at 10.55am. The Race will Start and Finish with a Gun Shot, there will be a whistle blown with 1 minute remaining and then again with 30 seconds remaining. When you hear the Finish Gun Shot, please stop as soon as possible and your Lap Scorer will record your finishing position and complete your paperwork.

We will do the Presentation of Awards (based on entries) as soon as we have confirmed the distances covered.


The British Masters Records are in Single Year Age Groups, the current list can be found here. We feel that some of these are achievable, so come on and take up the Challenge.

Here is a list of the UK All Time Bests.

Some other Records that may be of interest :

World Records

Men :              Haile Gabrselassie             21,285m                    27/6/07

Women :        Dire Tune                              18,517m                   27/6/85


British Records

Men :              Carl Thackery                      20,855m                   31/3/90

Women :        Michaela McCallum             16,495m                   02/4/00


Welsh Records

Men :              Bernie Plain                           19,243m ^^              01/12/73

                        Bob Sercombe                      19,243m  ^^             01/12/73

Women :        Bronwen Cardy-Wise           16,460m  i                08/3/92


^^   estimated distance during 20 mile track race at Whitchurch, Bristol

 i      indoor


Some other big names who have held the World Record :

Arturo Barrios             21,101m             1991

Jos Hermens               20,944m             1976

Ron Clarke                   20,322m             1965

Emil Zatopek                20,052m             1951

Parvo Nurmi                 19,210m             1928